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Event [Notice]The Countermeasure for preventing COVID-19 Infection


□ Report after visiting China

   Please report your visit to china to the GCSP office

○ Report Methods (proceed both methods below)

    1) Call to the GCSP office (031-920-2735)



<;How to prevent novel coronavirus infection >;

1. In case you’ve visited Hubei, China and came back to Korea after 13th Jan. 2020, please quarantine yourself at home even if you do not have any symptom for 14 days(DO NOT go to school & your absence will be excused).

2. Wear masks everytime you go out(medical centers especially)

   ※ Please cover your mouth and nose with your cloth sleeves when you cough if you do not have any mask.

3. Wash your hands often for more than 30 sec.

4. Do not touch eyes, nose, mouth

5. If you have any respiratory symptom(coughing, sore throat, etc.) within 14days after traveling China,

  - Contact health care center in charge or KCDC call center(1339)

    ※ KCDC call center: 1339, Ilsan Dong-gu health care center : 031-909-9000  

  - Visit the designated health center first

  - must report your oversea traveling record to the doctors