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Comprehensive Examination

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Qualification for application - A student who has acquired or will acquire the 24 credits
- A student who is recommended by his/her advisors.
Schedule - Request for Examination : At the beginning of March/September
- Comprehensive Examination: At the end of March/September
- Result Notification: At the beginning of April/October
Comprehensive Examination - An essay examination to assess student’s expertise knowledge, and his/her abilities of application on the major field
- Total : 2 subjects (1core, 1elective) ※ Select 2 of the subjects he/she has taken
Assessment - Pass : Both of the examination results are more than 60 points, and the average is more than 70 points
- Fail : The average is lower than 70 points
- Partial Fail : Even one of the examination results is lower than 60 points
  (although the average is above 70 points)
   Ex) core 80, elective 70, Ave 75 (Pass)
         core 72, elective 64, Ave 68 (Fail)
         core 100, elective 50, Ave 75 (Partial Fail)
※ He/She graded on ‘Fail’ or ‘Partial Fail’ should retake on the next semester
Authorized English Test and Passing Marks
550 210 80 550 5.5
Deadline - The report card should be submitted to the Academic & Student Affairs Team, by the day before the request for thesis defense
※ A student who has submitted a report card at the admission to NCC-GCSP, does not need to submit a report card again