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Myung, Jae Kyung, Ph.D.(full-time professor)
Faculty Appointment

Assistant Professor, Department of Cancer Biomedical Science, NCC-GCSP
Area of Expertise

Systems Biology/ Steroid Hormone Receptors/ Small Molecule Anticancer Drug
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Previous Appointment(s) Held
Post-Doctoral Fellow, British Columbia Cancer Agency
Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of California, Berkeley
Educational Background
Ph.D University of Vienna
M.Eng. Yonsei University
B.S. Kyunghee University
Research Interests (Please place in paragraph form)
Dr. Myung’s research focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms of steroid hormone receptors and biological active small molecule drugs by the application of a systems biology approach to elucidate complex biological systems in cancer disease.
Integration of highly sophisticated technology-driven “-omics” approaches can provide comprehensive understanding of the underlying molecular and cellular mechanisms and further discover biomarkers, which contributes significant developments in highly promising diagnosis and treatment as well as assessment of prognosis and treatment response in a clinical setting.
International Collaboration
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