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Announcement of Admission → Document Review and Interview → Approval on Readmission

  • Students who are willing to readmit to the school within 2 years from the date of dismissal or withdrawal is allowed to readmit the school through the deliberation of NCC-GCSP Committee; only one re-admission offer is given to each student. However, a person who falls under any of the following subparagraphs shall not authorize readmissions.

     1) The student who has been suspended from a school due to failure in awarding the degree within the period of
     2) The student who has been dismissed from the school by disciplinary action

  • The period of military service shall not be included.
  • The credits previously earned by re-admitted student may be totally or partially transferred through the discussion with an advisor and department chair.
  • Attendance period of re-admitted students is to be counted from the very first day student admitted to each program.
  • Required Documents
    - Readmission request form

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