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Degree Conferral Requirement

Degree Type & Degree Conferral

Degree Type & Degree Conferral
Division Master’s Program
Degree Type
Degree Conferral
- Master of Science / Master of Public Health
- Degrees in the first clause of this article are awarded according to completed courses and character of graduate thesis

Degree Conferral Requirement

Degree Conferral Requirement
Division Contents
Degree Conferral Requirement A student who satisfies the following requirements can request the graduate thesis evaluation after approval of his/her advisor
- student who has acquired or is expected to acquire at least 30 credits or more
- A student who has passed comprehensive exam
- A student who meets required English Proficiency test scores
- A student who has achieved corresponsive research (“Published or Approved”thesis by the date of request for graduate
  thesis evaluation will only admitted )
- Date : Mid-April/ Mid-October
Comprehensive Exam - Requirement : A student who has acquired or is expected to acquire at least 24 credits or more
- Subjects : 2 majors (Core 1, Elective 1)
- Pass : Over 70 scores as average (Partial Fail: if one subject is under 60)
- Date : End of March / End of September
English proficiency test scores Submission of English proficiency test scores stated in the Article 7 of GCSP sub-regulation for Academic Affairs Operations
   ※ English proficiency test result submitted in the period of admission is considered to pass
English proficiency test scores
550 210 80 550 297 5.5
Paper publication - A students who has performed publication or approval of one or more papers (as above the co-author) in domestic/
  international scholarly journal, presentation of research achievements by oral or poster (as the presenter or 1st author) in
  domestic/international academic conference, or research achievements corresponding to above matters while the student
  is enrolled
   * Academic Conference Scope
      - Domestic : Conferences registered in Korea Citation Index(KCI), National Research Foundation of Korea
      - International : International conference designated by GCSP international cooperation evaluation committee
        and others corresponding to designated conferences

    ※ A paper which is written by GCSP’s name as the institute the student belongs to is only admitted.
Graduate Thesis Evaluation - 3 or more committee members
   : Committee chair is decided excluding advisor
- Pass/Fail by graduate thesis evaluation committee
   : ‘Pass’ is decided by a majority vote of 2/3 of the committee members