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Department of Cancer Biomedical Science


Lee, Eun Sook

Lee, Eun Sook, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor and President Surgical Oncology
Contact no.: +82-31-920-1501
E-mail :


Park Jong Bae

Park, Jong Bae, Ph.D.
Professor and Dean Tumor Microenvironment
Contact no.: +82-31-920-2720
E-mail :

Lee, Ho

Lee, Ho, Ph.D.
Professor and Department Chair Mouse Genetics of Cancer Models
Contact no.: +82-31-920-2274
E-mail :

Kim, In Hoo

Kim, In Hoo, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor Molecular Oncology
Anti-Cancer Bio-therapeutics
Contact no.: +82-31-920-2721
E-mail :

Kim, Jeongseon

Kim, Jeong Seon, Ph.D.
Professor Nutrition/Nutritional Epidemiology
Contact no.: +82-31-920-2570
E-mail :

Ki, Mo Ran

Lee, Yong Sun, Ph.D.
Professor non-coding RNAs
Contact no.: +82-31-920-2748
E-mail :

Myung, Seung Kwon

Myung, Seung Kwon, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor Meta-analysis and Evidence-based medicine (EBM), Cancer prevention and screening, Smoking cessation, Vitamin supplements and cancer, Nutraceuticals, Family medicine
Contact no.: +82-31-920-0479
E-mail :

Park, Eun Jung

Park, Eun Jung, Ph.D.
Professor Inflammation/Neuroimmunology
Contact no.: +82-31-920-2543
E-mail :

Anders Lindroth

Anders Lindroth, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Cancer Epigenomics
Contact no.: +82-31-920-2747
E-mail :

Myung, Jae Kyung

Myung, Jae Kyung, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Systems Biology
Steroid Hormone Receptors
Small Molecule Anticancer Drug
Contact no.: +82-31-920-2746
E-mail :