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Parking System

Odd-even parking system

  • Vehicles with plate ending in an odd number can park a vehicle on odd days and vehicles with plate ending in an even number can park a vehicle on even days.
  • Penalty for violation: KRW 10,000 per a day

KRW 1,000/day
Fees are not imposed on holidays and vehicle parked less than 30 minutes


The student will be notified with the monthly charges on parking. The student needs to pay the bill on the beginning of the next month to designated account by the stipulated due date.

Parking area

2nd and 3rd basement levels
Students must park a vehicle at designated area ONLY; fine imposed on a vehicle parked in other areas (KRW 10,000/day)

Vehicle (parking) registration

Submit a copy of application form and a copy of vehicle registration to Management Support Team.

Equal privileges and rules are applied to NCC-GCSP students as employees at the NCC