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Student Insurance

Insurance for Current Stuents

Any student currently enrolled in the NCC-GCSP will be financially supported for injuries caused by any academic related curriculums or activities.

- Insurant : All students currently enrolled in the NCC-GCSP
- Type of Policy: Accident insurance
- Coverage: Any unexpected accient occurred while participating in various academic or research, and extracurriculm
  activities led by faculty (class, seminar, tour, etc.)
- Claim for insurance: Submit the following required documents to departmment assistant or Office of Academic
  & Students Affair
- Documents for Submission : Accident report and written claim, written medical diagnosis, receipt of out-patient
  treatment or receipt of hospital discharge, a copy of ID card, a certificate of enrollment and a copy of bank account
- Covering Period: Treatment received up to a year afte the actual accident occurred; should claim within 2 years

Insurance for International Student

All international students enrolled in the NCC-GCSP are required to subscribe to the international student insurance. (around KRW 200,000 per a year)

- Insurant : All international students currently enrolled in the NCC-GCSP
* Mandatory