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Medical Insurance Information

The National Health Insurance Service (NHIS) : Those overseas Korean nationals or foreigners who are not the employee insured but staying in Korea for more than a year may apply :

  • A person who has filed an alien registration under Article 31 of the Immigration Control Act and qualified to stay as per attachment 7 of the enforced regulations
  • A person who has reported on his/her place of residence in Korea under Article 6 of the Act on the Immigration and Legal Status of Overseas Koreans

How to apply : the international student must submit a copy of his/her alien registration card and verification of her/her purpose of study to the NHIS office. Students may subscribe insurance from their countries or subscribe a private insurance in Korea. You may purchase medical and injury insurance for foreigners from traveler’s insurance.

Required documents to be submitted :
  • Verification of eligibility including alien registration card
  • Verification of purpose of study (A copy of alien registration card or a copy of residence certificate)
  • Verification of income (if applicable)