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Visa Information

International students need to get a D-2 visa (regular educational program).
Visa Eligibility: those who intend to receive education in a standard course (Bachelors, Master, Ph.D.) or research specialist fields in colleges, universities, graduate schools established in accordance with the Korea Education Law, or academic research established under the provisions of a special law of a status as least as high as a junior college.

How to apply for visa and its application requirements

Required documents to be submitted :
  • Valid Passport
  • Visa application form or certificate for recognition of visa issuance
  • Processing fee: About USD 30 (single-entry) or USD 50 (multiple-entry)
  • Admission acceptance from the school with its recognition of the student’s aptitude for study and financial ability
  • Most recent official school records
  • Verification of account balance or bank statement
  • Family registry (only applies to Chinese; must include every member of the family)