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The NCC-GCSP supports students to focus on their learning and research in a better environment by offering varied types of scholarship. These offers are available for not only domestic students but also the international students. All newly accepted students will receive the full tuition scholarship. However, those students whose GPA is lower than the minimum requirement for scholarship eligibility during the terms of attendance might be exempted from scholarship offer. The NCC-GCSP also offers employment scholarship. Those who wish to work as RA (Research Assistant) or AA (Academic Assistant) may apply such position later during the given period. Please contact the Office of Academic & Student Affairs or Department Office for more detailed information.

Freshman Scholarship

Full-tuition scholarship is available to newly admitted students for their first semester.

Academic Excellence Scholarship

Partial and full-tuition scholarship is available to students in good academic standing.

Employment Scholarship

Students who wish to serve in a role of RA (Research Assistant) or AA (Academic Assistant) will get paid with stipend.

Global Scholarship

This Scholarship is available to foreign students who have demonstrated the promotion of the international cooperation and academic excellence.