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Application Requirements

  • Applicants should be fully responsible for any disadvantages that applicant might take due to the mistakes or omissions on the application; thus, please carefully go through all application requirements.
  • Anything on the application may not be changed after the submission excluding a special permission was given beforehand. The documents already submitted will not be returned.
  • Please enter accurate and valid contact number, mobile number and e-mail address for immediate contact during the application period.
  • ONLY application package arrived at the office on or before the deadline are acceptable.
  • All required documents should be an original copy.

* online application :

Application Requirement
Required Documents for submission Note On/Off
application form Form1 Online
Personal statement Form2 Online
Research Plan (applies to PhD candidates ONLY) Form3 Online
Financial Certification Form (for international student ONLY) Form4 Online
A letters of recommendation (applies to Master's candidates)
Two letters of recommendation (applies to PhD candidates)
Form5 Offline
GCSP applicant background check consent form Form6 Online
Personal identification (Identification Card or Passport) Others Offline
A certificate of degree (or expected graduation) Others Offline
An official transcript (English Version) Others Offline
English proficiency test reports Others Offline
Financial Proving Document (for international student ONLY) Others Offline
Supporting Documents Others Offline


  • E-mail :
  • Application assistance : +82-31-920-2754