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Kim, Hark Kyun

Kim, Hark Kyun, M.D., Ph.D.(adjunct professor)
Faculty Appointment
Professor, Department of Cancer Biomedical Science, NCC-GCSP
Area of Expertise
Medical Oncology, Proteogenomics
Contact no

FAX : +82-31-920-2006
Previous Appointment(s) Held
Chief, Precision Medicine Branch, Research Institute, National Cancer Center (Present)
Medical Oncologist, Center for Gastric Cancer (Present)
Chief, Biomolecular Function Research Branch (2013-2017)
Vice President, National Oncoventure (2011-2012)
Educational Background
Ph.D., Seoul National University College of Medicine, Korea, 1996-2000
M.D., Seoul National University College of Medicine, Korea,1985-1991
Clinical Fellow, Seoul National University Hospital, 1999-2000
Research Fellow, Genetics Division, Research Institute of National Cancer Center, Japan, 2000-2001
Research Fellow, Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Genetics, NCI, Bethesda, MD, 2005-2008
Research Interests
Dr. Hark K. Kim’s lab focuses on discovery of cancer genes, diagnostic/predictive biomarkers and therapeutic targets. For these purposes, he is leading comprehensive genomic and proteomic analyses on tumor tissue samples with clinical annotation. Recently, Dr. Kim’s lab has developed the first genetically-engineered mouse models and cell line models for metastatic gastric cancer. Using these preclinical models, he strives to identify novel biomarkers, and molecular mechanisms of putative cancer genes and chemotherapy resistance. Ongoing efforts are being made to develop various genetically-engineered mouse models for gastric cancer that recapitulate human diffuse type gastric cancers. His team also runs a pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics and bioanalysis lab to support early phase clinical trials and proteogenomics-guided targeted therapy trials.
International Collaboration
American Association of Cancer Research
American Society of Clinical Oncology
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