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Park, Jong-Bae

Park, Jong Bae, Ph.D.
Faculty Appointment
Professor & Dean, NCC-GCSP
Area of Expertise
Cell Biology/Tumor microenvironment
Contact no
Previous Appointment(s) Held
Post-doctoral fellow, Division of Neuroscience, Harvard medical school.
Department Chair, National Cancer Center Graduate School of Cancer Science and Policy
Educational Background
Ph.D. Life Science, POSTECH (2001)
M.S. Life Science, POSTECH (1998)
B.S. Gyeongsang National University (1994)
Research Interests
Dr. Park is an associate professor of system cancer science at GSCP. His research focuses on tumor microenvironment which is critical for the cancer stem cell proliferation and infiltration. He is also involved in several research projects on the development of anti-cancer drug targeting tumor microenvironment.
International Collaboration
Glioma stem cell invasion, Cleveland clinic (2010-present)
Induced glioma stem cell, Keio University (2012–present)
siRNA delivery, National Cancer Center, Japan (2009-present)
2019 SCI Phosphoserine Phosphatase Promotes Lung Cancer Progression through the Dephosphorylation of IRS-1 and a Noncanonical L-Serine-Independent Pathway: MOLECULES AND CELLS. 42(8):604~616 (3.533)

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