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Organization of GCSP

Organization of GCSP

Position Name Office No. E-mail
President Kang Hyun Lee, M.D., Ph.D. +82-31-920-1501 uroonco@ncc.re.kr

Position Name Office No. E-mail
Dean In-Hoo Kim, M.D., Ph.D. +82-31-920-2720 ikim@ncc.re.kr

Position Name Office No. E-mail
Chair of Cancer Control and Population Health Department Kui Son Choi, Ph.D. +82-31-920-2912 kschoi@ncc.re.kr
Chair of Cancer Biomedical Science Department Jong Bae Park, Ph.D. +82-31-920-2450 jbp@ncc.re.kr

Office of Academic & Student Affairs
Position Name Office No. E-mail
Associate Dean Nam-Chang Joo, Ph.D. +82-31-920-2727 ncjoo@ncc.re.kr

Academic and Student Affairs Team
Position Name Office No. E-mail Responsible Work
Manager JA HYUN KOO +82-31-920-2750 jhkoo@ncc.re.kr Responsible Work : taking a charge of all academic affairs
Changsoo Yun +82-31-920-2751 csyun@ncc.re.kr Educational Curriculum and Planning&Budget
Soo K. Kwon +82-31-920-2754 gengsso@ncc.re.kr Admission and Scholarship
Hoiyoon Kwon +82-31-920-2756 hykwon@ncc.re.kr Academic Operation
Iseul Cho +82-31-920-2753 ischo@ncc.re.kr Academic and Certificate
Yang Hye Jung +82-31-920-2755 dearkatie@ncc.re.kr International Students