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Lee, Kang Hyun

Welcome to the homepage of the Graduate School of Cancer Science and Policy!

The Graduate School of Cancer Science and Policy (hereafter referred to as GCSP) is the first national level institute of education and research in cancer science and policy, established by the National Cancer Center (NCC), Korea.

Today, the most significant threat to the human society is environmentally related issues – for instance – environmental degradation in many different forms, imposes further constraints on human lives and well-being, resulting in damages or threats to one’s physical being and their quality of life and finally suggesting a strong link between cancer and environmental degradation. Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide and is projected to continue rising. Reflecting on these threats especially cancers so much with us, all faculties and staffs at the GCSP deeply considered how we at the GCSP can be so positively engaged reducing cancer burden around the world.

The GCSP is strongly willing to take a part in making social contribution further, relieving the cancer burden in Asia region and building a global network through an academic program particularly focused on Asia-Pacific region, relatively vulnerable to rapidly increasing cancer threats. The GCSP is confident in its ambitious desire to considerably reduce the cancer burden based on its rich experiences in achieving higher 5-year survival rate and prognosis for cancer types that are commonly occurred across Asian countries. The GCSP is committed to get involved and make a difference in the fight against cancer with its integrative research, treatment and control for cancer led by the nation’s best professionals in cancer-related science area at the NCC.

The GCSP seeks multidisciplinary approaches as key to the production of knowledge, dedicated to advancing students’knowledge and careerin cancer control and research. Our mission is to assure GCSP remains at the forefront of graduate education for cancer-related field, proving the highest quality education experiences for all students. The GCSP definitely makes its utmost effort and devotion to help every individual to realize his/her full potential and goal through our efficient organization and enhanced leadership.

Here we, the GCSP stand up to cancer today to provide better solution, create higher public awareness on cancer and alleviate cancer burden and its consequential, uncontrollable fearful attitude towards death.

The GCSP appreciate your continued interest and support – and look forward to working with you at the GCSP.
Thank you.

Lee, Kang Hyun
President, National Cancer Center (NCC),
President, Graduate School of Cancer Science and Policy (GCSP), Korea